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Map Your Adventure to Wine Country

North Central Idaho offers the perfect pairing…the taste of adventure in one of the best regions for wine and beer. Escape the crowds and taste award-winning wine and brews! Visit one of the newest (and most award-winning) wine regions producing wine from locally grown and estate grapes. Home to the 2020 Northwest Winery of the… Read more »

Lewis and Clark Among the Nez Perce

Explore North Central Idaho, a Region Steeped in History and Adventure North Central Idaho is an outdoor paradise loaded with local history, adventures, and attractions. Travel the land of the ancestral Nimiipuu Tribe (now Nez Perce), follow in the footsteps of the historic Lewis and Clark expedition, and explore quaint and welcoming communities throughout.  Discover… Read more »

The Outdoor Wonders of North Central Idaho

By Stacey Gregory When you think about North Central Idaho, your mind tends to conjure up breathtaking views of rolling hills and farmlands, flower-filled meadows, and of course, outdoor adventures. What makes this place a mecca for thrill-seekers and nature-lovers is its wide-open, rugged spaces — and for good reason. North Central Idaho has some… Read more »