Cottonwood Butte

Situated just outside of Cottonwood, Cottonwood Butte is a relatively small ski area compared to some others in the state. However, with an 845-foot vertical drop, it can hold its own against many of its larger or swankier neighbors. With a summit elevation of 5,566 feet and about 250 ski-friendly acres, this ski area has become a favorite among locals and visitors. Cottonwood has seven trails and two lifts. The total area available for skiing is 260 acres while the longest run stretches for 4,000 feet.

For current snow conditions, call 208.746.6397. For general information about rental equipment, food service and more, call 208.962.3624.

Location: Camas Prairie and Cottonwood

Category: Skiing & Snowsports



Address: 490 Radar Road, Cottonwood ID 83522

Phone: 208.962.3624

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