Elk River Backcountry Byway

The route to Elk River, from either direction, can be characterized as an all natural, no frills, individualistic and unpretentious pathway through rural North Central Idaho. It is a route to adventure, fun and relaxation for travelers of all types; in particular those searching for a scenic drive off the beaten path with outstanding cultural, historic, recreational and scenic values. Travelers will have the opportunity to observe many types of wildlife, forested backcountry and cross a suspension bridge across
Dworshak Reservoir.

TRAVEL CAUTIONS: Portions of the road between Elk River and Dent Acres
are unpaved but maintained. Travel Distance: 55 miles, 2.25 hours.

View elk, deer, moose, bear, bobcats, cougars, grouse, hawks, mink, pine marten,
muskrat, otter, fisher, and turkeys. Bird watching is a favorite in the Audubon
paradise on and around Elk Creek Reservoir.

Locations: Palouse Region and Elk River

Category: Scenic Drives and Wildlife Viewing





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