Lochsa River

The Lochsa River parallels scenic Hwy 12 northeast of Lowell. The word means “rough water” in the language of the Nez Perce. From its headwaters in the Bitterroot Mountains to its confluence with the Selway and Clearwater rivers, the Lochsa pounds through more than 40 major rapids. With names like The Grim Reaper, Bloody Mary, Ten Pin Alley, and Mile Long, your heart will be pounding before you reach the rapids.

The season begins in the spring and runs into August. Hwy 12 is barely visible from the river which is bordered by a cedar forest. Most outfitters use paddle boats on the Lochsa to make it a fun participatory trip. River runners camp in nearby meadows or stay in area lodges. One, two, and three-day trips are $80- $350 per person.

River Stats: Difficulty: IV- to IV+; Trip Length: 30 mi.; Put in: White Pine or Nine Mile; Take Out: Split Creek or Knife Edge

Location: Clearwater Corridor and Upper Clearwater River Corridor

Category: Lakes & Rivers





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