Main Salmon River

“RIVER OF NO RETURN” The Main Salmon is an ideal family section with mainly class III rapids. It is considered a wilderness section but has ranches located along the
route of the Main Salmon which allow people to choose lodge-to-lodge stays. Outfitter and personal jet boat / float trips are highly regulated by the Forest Service to eliminate over populating the river system. Most people take six days to run the 80 roadless miles to Vinegar Creek. Most of the canyon is densely forested with ponderosa pine, Douglas fir and some grand fir. There is good hiking up side creeks and good fishing near their confluences.

Attractions not-to-be-missed include Barth Hot Springs and the old Painter Mine at river mile 274. And check out Buckskin Bill’s old homestead a mile below Painter Mine. Buckskin Bill (real name Sylvan Hart) died in 1980. He was known as “the last of the mountain men.” He built his own house, raised his own food and made his own guns and tools.

River Stats: Difficulty: III to IV; Trip Length:
85 mi.; Put in: Corn Creek; Take Out: Vinegar Creek

Locations: Salmon River

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