Musselshell Meadows

All trails are of easy-to-moderate difficulty but may have short, steep pitches. Traversing around the meadows north of the parking area is an easy ski.

Be aware of moose and elk in the area, especially on south-facing slopes where the animals bed down. The Musselshell area is closed to snowmobiles during the winter months because of concerns for big game.

Note: The Musselshell area is not groomed or patrolled. Stumps, rocks and other obstructions are sometimes present. Ski under control. Match the trail difficulty and length of trip to your physical condition and ability. Be physically fit; top physical
condition may be required to walk out if equipment fails. Know storm warnings.
Mountain weather is unpredictable. Pay attention to reports and changing conditions. “Reassurance” signs, also called “confidence markers,” display blue diamonds and mark the ski trail. The road to the Musselshell ski area is plowed only when logging is going on in the area and the plowed road is needed to haul logs and move equipment.
Logging operations do not necessarily go on in the area every winter. Therefore,
access to the Musselshell area for cross country skiing may not be available every winter. Call Tim Lewis at 208.464.1269 for more information.

Location: Clearwater Corridor and Pierce / Weippe

Category: Family Activities, Skiing & Snowsports, and Wildlife Viewing





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