Selway River

Only 20 miles of the Selway River, from its junction with the Lochsa River upstream to the Selway- Bitterroot Wilderness boundary, is accessible by road. A 42-mile sightseeing drive from Lowell to Selway Falls and back offers the traveler an opportunity to appreciate the pristine beauty of the river as well as picturesque Selway Falls. The east end of the Selway River corridor provides access to three trailheads entering the Selway- Bitterroot Wilderness. Wildlife are abundant throughout the corridor including elk, white-tailed deer, black bear, moose, bald and golden eagles, Canadian geese, beaver, and river otter.

Location: Upper Clearwater River Corridor and Clearwater Corridor

Category: Fishing & Hunting, Lakes & Rivers, Scenic Drives, and Wildlife Viewing





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