Clearwater Canyon Cellars

Expect a laid back atmosphere when you walk into Clearwater Canyon Cellars. The winery is nestled on an Idaho Century Farm in the Lewiston Orchards. Owners Coco and Karl Umiker use their backgrounds in microbiology and soil science to craft wines of distinction and quality. Come and experience the history and charm of their winery and estate vineyard. Clearwater Canyon Cellars was named Wine Press Northwest’s 2020 Northwest Winery of the Year and 2015 Idaho Winery of the Year. Coco, the Idaho-born winemaker has secured the title “Empress of the Platinum” with 41 platinum awards to her credit, seven of which were awarded in 2022.

Location: Lewiston / Clarkston

Food Type: Wine Tasting

Culinary Trails: Highway 12 - Lolo Visitor Center to Clarkston, US Highway 95 - Riggins to Potlatch, US Highway 95 to SH 3 - Lewiston to Bovill, and US Highway 95 to SH 8 to SH 3 - Lewiston to Moscow to Bovill


Address: 3143 10th Street, Lewiston, ID 83501

Phone: 208-816-4679

Member? Yes

Yelp Review: 5

TripAdvisor Review: 5



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