White Pine Scenic Route

The scenic highways of this tour take you through the fertile farmlands of the Palouse Prairie and the timbered foothills of the Clearwater National Forest. As you leave Moscow, go north on Hwy 95 to the junction of Hwy 6, turn east toward Potlatch. The highway follows the Palouse River through Princeton and Harvard and turns north through forests of pine and cedar. You will pass through the White Pine Scenic Route, a six-mile corridor through majestic stands of white pine. At the junction of Hwy 3, turn south toward Clarkia and Bovill and then turn right at Bovill onto Hwy 8 to take you back to Moscow via Deary and Troy. Total distance: 118 miles (not including side trip to Elk River from Bovill), 3.75 hours.

Location: Palouse Region, Moscow, Troy, Deary & Bovill, and Potlatch & Harvard

Category: Scenic Drives





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