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April 30, 2019


The first commercial river rafting trips in the United States were launched in Idaho. The outfitters here have always been leaders and standard-setters for this industry.
No other state can claim as many recreational river miles as Idaho. Most of the 3,100 whitewater river miles in the state are located here in North Central Idaho.
Outfitters offer rafting trips of all kinds for all ages and abilities. Families enjoy fun excursions on rivers such as the Main Salmon. Sightseers like quiet flat-water floats on rivers such as the Clearwater River. Whitewater seekers go for the Middle Fork of the Salmon, Lochsa, Selway, or the Snake River through Hells Canyon.
  1. Snake River Hells Canyon North America's Deepest Gorge
  2. Lochsa River Lochsa means "rough water" in the language of the Nez Perce.
  3. Clearwater River The Clearwater River provides an easy float along scenic Hwy 12.
  4. Middle Fork Clearwater River The Lochsa and the Selway come together to form the Middle Fork.
  5. Main Salmon River The "River of No Return". Class III Rapids.
  6. Middle Fork Salmon River The Middle Fork is the historical origin of wilderness white water rafting trips.
  7. Salmon River Above Riggins Excellent class III canoe, raft and dory country.
  8. Salmon River Lower Gorge The most underrated long river trip - exciting rapids and beautiful scenery.
  9. Salmon River Below Riggins Features lots of "big water" rapids, yet is a relatively safe run.
  10. Selway River The Selway is a Nationally designated Wild and Scenic River flowing through the Selway-Bitteroot Wilderness Area.

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Lewis-Clark Valley
BEAMERS HELLS CANYON TOURS Images and descriptions can only give you a tantalizing hint of what you’ll encounter. 800.522.6966 RIVER ADVENTURES, INC Jet boat and sport fishing adventures on the Salmon and Snake Rivers. 800.524.9710 HELLS CANYON ADVENTURES A Hells Canyon Adventures tour is more than a trip. It’s a must-do experience that people from all over the world travel to brave. It’s a chance to disconnect from the busy, tech-heavy world around us and reconnect with nature, friends, and family. There’s nothing like Hells Canyon. We guarantee you’ll walk away with an incredible memory you will talk about for years. 208.257.4564 SALMON RIVER EXPERIENCE SRE provides experiences that are both fun and adventurous while at the same time sensitive to the cultural and environmental needs of the river. We are able to accommodate over 300 people a day with a fleet of self bailing rafts, kayaks, and support vehicles. Our guides are highly-trained, friendly, and knowledgeable and our safety record is excellent. 800.892.9223 SNAKE DANCER EXCURSIONS Experience the thrill of Snake River rapids while enjoying the beauty of Hells Canyon. 800.234.1941 SNAKE RIVER ADVENTURES Follow the rivers through the sheer ruggedness of Hells Canyon, North America’s Deepest River Gorge and see what adventures await you. Snake River Adventures offers trips that include more than one venue for every adventure you require. 800.262.8874 Riggins & Whitebird
HELLS CANYON RAFT Guided rafting trips on the Snake and Salmon Rivers. 800.523.6502 KILLGORE ADVENTURES Hunting excursions, guided fishing trips, jet boat tours, and rafting trips on the Snake and Salmon Rivers. 800.469.8757 NORTHWEST RIVER ADVENTURES Whitewater rafting on the Salmon River. 509.552.0165 or 509.552.3277 ROW ADVENTURES & RIVER DANCE LODGE Whitewater trips on the Snake, Salmon, and Lochsa Rivers. 208.770.2517 SALMON RIVER TOURS & CHINA BAR LODGE Hunting excursions, guided fishing trips, jet boat tours, and rafting trips on the Snake and Salmon Rivers. 888.893.2820 WHITE BIRD SUMMIT ADVENTURES Rafting, jet boating, and horse trail riding on the Salmon River. 208.983.1802 WILD RIVER ADVENTURES Drift boat fishing and rafting on the Salmon River. 208.995.0181


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